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  Welcome to Ravencrest and Villate Rottweilers located in Bedfordview, South Africa. 

  We are members of the Meridian Rottweiler League and the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.  We are MRL
  Code of Ethics breeders and select for healthy and typical Rottweilers that are reliable, family friendly and
  always ready for action.   Our dogs fulfill the roles of companions and guardians in our home and we exhibit
  at specialist club shows and selected all-breed shows held in our country.  RV Rottweilers have
  received numerous top awards and placings under world-renowned judges.  We have owned or bred six
  National Sieger/in and Youth Sieger/in titleholders to date.

  We believe in preserving the working qualities in the Rottweiler and regularly train and occasionally compete
  in the sport of IPO.  We also participate in IPO seminars held by training groups in our province
  whenever possible.

                                                     Neil Perkins began his involvement in 1995 and is currently Chairman
                                                     of the Meridian Rottweiler League.
                                                     He is also the Chairman of the Rottweiler Breed Council of KUSA. 
                                                     Neil is a qualified FCI Rottweiler specialist judge as well as an international
                                                     IPO working judge.

                                                      Alex Varela bought his first Rottweiler in 1987 and joined the Meridian
                                                      Rottweiler League the following year.  He has served on the committee
                                                      of the MRL and is the current Breed Convenor for the Rottweiler Breed Council 
                                                      of KUSA.
                                                      He is a learner specialist judge through the RBC training scheme and is  
                                                      qualified to judge the Rottweiler and Working Group at Breed Open show level.

We have endeavoured to establish a recognizable type through our breeding programme and seek dogs with distinctive qualities in their character and
  conformation.  We have incorporated certain imported studs in the past and will continue concentrating on selected European bloodlines in the   
  future.  Our breeding philosophy is based on respect for the ADRK Breed Standard and an appreciation for the Rottweiler as a competent working dog.

  Our interest in the breed is global and we have attended breed shows and sport trials in Germany, Spain, Canada, USA and Mexico.  Enjoy your
  visit and we appreciate contact and comments from all Rottweiler friends and enthusiasts.

Current News
RV Rottweilers Triumph
Ravencrest Njord is awarded V1 and RCC from the Open Class at his show debut at the MRL Championship Show held 16/17 March 2013 under Werner Walter (ADRK) His sister Ravencrest Nais is awarded V1 and CC from the SA Bred Class with 105 catalogue entries.   

RV Rottweilers on TV

Ravencrest Netsuke features in the latest Cambist TV advert. Netsuke is loved and trained by Charles and Liz Hayward. Click
here to view the advert.

We have litters born April and May 2013

RV Rottweilers NEW arrivals

The Villate "O" and "P" litters are here as well as the Ravencrest "R" litter.  Please check out our Litters page for more information on these breeding combinations and available puppies.